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Curtis Ingram Jr
a.k.a Mista Mademan

Owner/ Writer / Artist / Scientist, is my social media marketing platform, my blog, learning tool and journal. It allows me to showcase different art forms and connect with new people. It also, allows me to conduct business functions, and maintain online data support.

Virtues of Honor.

1. Love: Biologically, Psychologically, Philosophically.

2. Honesty:

3. Trust: Control of Myself.

4. Resilience:

5. Willingness to Learn:

6. Faith in Humanity:

7. Ingenuity: Build what can't be bought.

8. Bravery: to overcome fear.  

9. Fortitude: Mind, Body and Spirit.

10. Empathy: Healing others with positive vibrations.  

11. Listening Skills: Team Player.

12. Charismatic Charm:  

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